How to configure your office365 email address for the 1st time

John Barfield -

This article will serve to aid users in configuring their new office365 email accounts and login information for the 1st time. 

This article is a prerequisite to all other email configuration articles.

The following steps require minimal technical expertise:

  1.  Look for an email, either from your employer, BISS, Inc, or Microsoft directly, that contains your new username (email address) and password.
  2. Open a web browser directly to
  3. Login with the information from the initial email. 
  4. Update your password to a good strong password that you will remember. Do not write this password down or share it with others.
  5. Upon successfully updating your password, you will see the following screen:Screen_Shot_2013-10-11_at_1.32.38_PM.png
  6. Next, click the link at the top right hand corner that says "Outlook".
  7. You have now successfully configured web mail access to your email.
  8. The password that you configured in previous steps will be the same password that you use for all of your email clients such as outlook, Apple Mail, or your smart phone (iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry).
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